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MoniWiki is a PHP based ^WikiEngine. ^WikiFormattingRules are imported and inspired from the MoinMoin. Moni is slightly modified sound means What ? or What is it ? in Korean and It also shows MoniWiki is nearly compatible with the MoinMoin.

If you are familiar with the PHP Script language you can easily add features or enhancements.



# automatically generated by monisetup
$data_dir= './data'; // This directory should be writable 
$text_dir= $data_dir.'/text';
$upload_dir= 'pds'; // This directory should be writable
$cache_dir= $data_dir.'/cache';
$intermap= $data_dir.'/intermap.txt';
$editlog_name= $data_dir.'/editlog';
$shared_metadb= $data_dir."/metadb.cache";
$shared_intermap= $data_dir."/text/InterMap";
$imgs_dir= $url_prefix.'/imgs';
$logo_img= $imgs_dir.'/moniwiki-logo.png';
$css_url= $url_prefix.'/css/nlog.css';
$kbd_script= $url_prefix.'/css/kbds.js';
$logo_string= '<img src="'.$logo_img.'" alt="" border="0" align="middle" />';
$use_smileys= 1;
$use_counter= 0;
$use_hostname= 1;
$iconset= 'moni2';
$auto_linebreak= 1;
$trail= 1;
$notify= 0;
$use_referer= 0;
$vim_options='+"set expandtab" +"retab"';
$nonexists='fancy';$data_dir= './data'; // This directory should be writable 
$upload_dir= 'pds'; // This directory should be writable
$text_dir= $data_dir.'/text';
$cache_dir= $data_dir.'/cache';

#<meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow" />

  • Put your name of your web site (wiki). For example, 'KLDP wiki.'

$data_dir= './data'; 
$text_dir= $data_dir.'/text';
  • The name of data directory, usually set by the installation process.
  • This directory should be writable.
  • The directory contains ./data/text/ and ./data/user/ directory.
    • The former ./data/text/ directory contains the content of the wiki pages in raw (text) format.
    • ./data/user/ directory contains the information of wiki users.

$upload_dir= 'pds'; 
  • $uplad_dir is uploading directory. The files (accepted by the wiki (explained later)) will be put in this directory.
    • Actual uploaded files reside in a directory, whose name is the wiki page name. Therefore, if FrontPage has abc.txt and def.rtf files. The two files will be found under ./pds/FrontPage/ directory.

$cache_dir= $data_dir.'/cache';
  • This is cache directory.

$intermap= $data_dir.'/intermap.txt';
$shared_intermap= $data_dir."/text/InterMap";
  • The directive $intermap takes the name of file which has information about interWiki
  • Shared intermap information, users can change this in Wiki page, ^InterWiki.

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