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1. 학문분류

0 Media in general, 미디어 일반
1 Game, 게임
2 Sound, 사운드
3 Design, 디자인
4 Animation, 애니메이션
5 Film, 영상
6 New Media, 뉴미디어
7 Computer theories, 컴퓨터 이론
8 etc., 기타
9 research, 연구

2. Sound

Professor : Kim Jieun
Laboratory Location : 817 San-hak won (Lab), 405San-hak won (Studio)
Laboratory Phone Call : None
Homepage : None
We are doing study of digital sound technical issues and make sounds of various media format, include composing music and studying efficient method of production process in film and animation, game. Major fields of study are below.
  • Study of digital sound tecnical issues
  • Flim sound post production & Music production
  • Animation sound post production & Music production
  • Game sound post production & Music production

3. Film

This area provides a creative approach to digital film/animation making and a scholarly approach to film theory. This provides 3 courses; Scenario Seminar, Advanced Film Production, and Film Theory. The students who want to study in this area will be strongly recommended to take courses on VFX, 3D-animation, or Sound area at the same time. They also need to collaborate on making digital film or animation with the students who want to study in those areas. They do NOT work with film camera but digital camcorder like Canon XL-H1 or Panasonic AG-HVX200A HD.

Advanced Film Production (3 credits) 고급영상제작
This will give students opportunities to:
  • study to design and produce a movie or an animation
  • practice on the whole process from pre-production via production to post-production
  • make their own movie under the guidance of at least 3 professors on directing, VFX, and sound(design, recording, mixing, foley, and music)
    • The student will not work with "film" but with digital equipment.

Scenario Seminar (3 credits) 시나리오세미나
This will give students opportunities to:
  • understand plot, characterization, theme, and screenplay format
  • write his/her own screenplay and review the other's works
  • read at least a book about screenplay
  • read at least 10 feature film screenplay for analysis

Film Theory (3 credits): 영상이론
This will give students opportunities to:
  • read various articles on film language, technics, realism, film narratology, authorship, genre, and modernism and have a discussion about the articles.
  • learn how to research, read and arrange the materials and write articles
  • write some article on his/her own idea for the final report

4. Course description and code

||디지털미디어세미나 I ||Digital Media Seminar I ||DMED500 ||DMED600 || description goes here ||
Course description and Code
과목명 영문명 code new_code description in English
디지털미디어세미나 I Digital Media Seminar I DMED500 DMED600 description goes here
디지털미디어세미나 II Digital Media Seminar II DMED501 DMED601
고급게임기획 DMED510 DMED611
게임프로듀서 DMDE511 DMED610
IT엔터테인먼트디자인 DMED512 DMED612
게임분석 DMED513 DMED615
가상현실 DMED611 DMED613
고급게임제작특론 DMED612 DMED614
고급사운드이론 DMED620 DMED620
고급사운드분석 DMED621 DMED621
고급사운드제작 DMED622 DMED622
디자인학연구 DMED530 DMED631
정보시각화스튜디오 DMED531 DMED635
인터렉티브미디어디자인 DMED532 DMED637
경험 설계 방법론 DMED533 DMED638
고급모션그래픽스 DMED630 DMED639
디지털디자인론 DMED631 DMED630
고급웹디자인 DMED631 DMED6310
피지컬인터페이스디자인 DMED632 DMED6311
디지털미디어코드 DMED633 DMED632
색채이론 DMED634 DMED633
인터페이스디자인 DMED635 DMED634
미디어디자인스튜디오 DMED636 DMED636
디지털영상특수효과 DMED540 DMED640
3D 애니메이션워크샵 DMED541 DMED641
프로덕션디자인 DMED542 DMED542
디지털영상분석 DMED543 DMED643
영상이론 DMED550 DMED650
시나리오세미나 DMED551 DMED651
고급영상제작 DMED650 DMED652
디지털방송 DMED560 DMED662
뉴미디어이론 DMED660 DMED660
조사방법론 DMED661 DMED661
수치적문제해결기법 DMED570 DMED670
고급 컴퓨터 그래픽스 DMED571 DMED671
고급애니메이션이론 DMED670 DMED672
기하 및 입체모델링 DMED671 DMED673
고급렌더링이론 DMED672 DMED674
고급모델링이론 DMED673 DMED675
산학협동I DMED580 DMED680
산학협동II DMED581 DMED681
산학협동III DMED582 DMED682
석사논문연구I DMED690 DMED690
석사논문연구II DMED691 DMED691

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