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1. 연구의 목적

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2. 연구방법 및 내용

2.1. 성격과 기질 간의 관계에 대한 유효성 검증


  1. demographic data
    to obtain generalizability
  2. face-element categorization
    based on physiognomy
    29 elements
  3. personality categorization
    based on HEXACON
    6 categories in general
    each category may have at 7 or more questions
  4. reference data
    physiognomic data which links facial characteristics and personalities
    to validate physiognomy
  • we need to use $\overline{X}$ for each elements as 'normal' size (eye, nose, ear, etc.) as a reference tool (for the analysis)

Research question
  1. Is physiognomy reliable for character development (or even for facial judgment in everyday-life)?
  2. correlations between data 2 and 3 set.
Some other purposes
  1. building a database that may link facial characteristics and personalities (for research in Humanities)

2.2. System development

System or application development
System that provides:
characteristics or personality vs. digital character provision
digital character provision vs. characteristics or personality
1st phase: prototype
user test (see below application test)
2nd phase: prototype
user test
. . . .

2.3. Application test

  1. Two types of digital character provision
    • based on simple-gen suggestion vs. based on detail-gen suggestion
    • personality judgment based on 30 sec. observation of digital character
    • is personal judgment goes along with database (the reality)? participant = users
      1. if not, why not?
      2. if so, ask the participants:
        1. what are the elements that they used for their judgment? --> data
        2. data may suggest that few characteristics are used in personality judgment
        3. use this data in the digital character suggestion
          • A. just emphasize few things vs.
          • B. use the original database in order to construct the digital character
          • which is better? A or B
  2. How long does it take to judge one's personalities? participants = general participants
    1. 30 sec vs. 1 sec group comparison
    2. Are there differences in judgment?
    3. Are they correlate with the original data?
  3. Think over the UI elements. . . . .

3. 결과 및 활용 방안

4. 기타사항

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