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  1. A keywowrd, "twitter" used in search of
    Search for: twitter in either title, abstract, or keywords,
    from Jan 1879 through May 2012
    in Social science and Humanities
    in SAGE journals available to me (568 results)
  2. resulted in a total of
    41 results


  1. A keyword, "twitter" used
    in search of keyword
    in journals
    in the areas on Arts and Humanities, Social Science,
    in sciencedirect database
    during 1995 to present (2011, 11)
  2. The above search resulted in 21 articles

Sci Direct

  1. TITLE-ABSTR-KEY(twitter)Journals(ArtsAndHumanities,Business,ManagementAndAccounting,Economics,EconometricsAndFinance,SocialSciences)
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