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We are going to watch this video: The video requires java active in your browser, and is about 7 Mb in size (It will take sometime to download). There will be several students who are wearing black and white shirts. And they will pass two balls to each other. Take out a blank paper. And count how many passes did those who wear white shirts make in the film? You should count only white people's passes, not black shirts.


i keep defending your as-piration for your doings
was trying to see the good in you oh oh

my only path straight ahead, is filled
with raging storms that you made
but thru all the tears that i have cried,
the rain could not drown me in more pain
i'm lead to the edge, the edge of this world,
the only way out i found is down
tried to turn back but you pushed,
i'm falling deeper into nowhere
lost and gone . . .
[http]IU - Mia English Version, babiixj
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Today's discussion

  • The open nature of the internet
    Why you should not use portals that do not respect you.
  • Using technolgies
    • Portal
    • Blog
    • Wiki
  • Current trends ....
    • TV . . . . IPTV ?
    • or SmartTV

Internet as open technologies

인터넷이 다른 매스미디어와 다른 점
사용자 맞춤형 서비스
인터넷의 개방성
Point is that the Internet has been built on open atmosphere for long time. It has its own historicity and social characteristics. Such aspects have influenced how the technologies were developed. And on the path to now, there have been many scientists and scholars who aimed at welfare of us, human being. And such atmosphere was absent in Korea. The lack of it has caused many issues such as portal business, privacy, commerce, etc.

How do you use it?

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