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1. Core materials for class

FAQ: 수업과 관련된 질문과 대답
강사의 공지사항

아주대학교 대학원 09 2학기 Fall Ajou University Graduate Class : Syllabus, Class schedule, etc.
과학커뮤니케이션 09 fall semester, Science Communication Research Methods : Syllabus, Class schedule, etc.

5. examples, research article

Research Paper example: 연구논문의 한 예입니다. 조사방법론과 관련된 논문은 대개 아래의 페이퍼와 같은 형식을 가집니다 (절대적인 것은 아닙니다).
Research Design: 아래 소제목하의 글들 중의 일부는 Research Design 아티클의 일부로 포함되어 있습니다.
Status of Frustrator download: @Status_of_Frustrator.pdf (365.33 KB)

6. Unit of Analysis

Unit of Analysis 분석단위

7. Level of Variables

8. Variables

Variables Identification: Identify Variable Relationships IV, DV, Moderating, Intervening variables

9. Validity

ValidityTypes Validity Detail Explanation

10. Reliability

11. Others

Unobtrusive Research
Content Analysis
Field Research

12. Statistics, Introduction

15. estimation

18. Chi-square test

19. Factor Analysis

21. Research Ethics

Milgram's study

Laud Humphreys' study

22. External Links

[http]StatSoft is very good and fairly suitable for beginners, from StatSoft the makers of Statistica
[http]StatSoft Glossary from StatSoft
[http]Online Stat Book at Rice University
[http]Stat Note, G. David Garson at NCSU. For multivariate stats analysis
[http]Structural Equation Modelling in Market Research, Scott MacLean & Kevin Gray

[http]a syllabus from scribd

23. Uploaded Files List

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